Want to grow your blog?
Struggling with social media?
Blogging doesn’t have to be a lonely job! Book coaching sessions with our blog expert Kirsten and you’re ready for the next step in blogging in no time.

During the intake (via telephone) you will discuss your goals and problems with blogging and social media. In the sessions you talk about exercises and new ideas to put the learning into practice immediately. In between the sessions, you can ask your questions through social media.

Possible topics for sessions are:

  • How to start
  • Writing blogs and headings
  • Sharing
  • Instagram photography and marketing
  • Categories and the layout of your blog
  • Community building
  • Creating and editing images
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • and more… You decide together with Kirsten which topics are important for you and your blog.

Kirsten Jassies is a blogcoach and content strategist who helps people and companies create engaging content for blogs, websites and social media channels. She has set up and managed an influencers network of bloggers who are big on social at publisher Sanoma, called Blogtoday. She studied their methods and statistics to be able to know how you can grow your online audience. She shares her learnings and thoughts on blogs like Frankwatching, LinkedIn, Fast Moving Targets and her own blog